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The Jewish woman is known as the anchor of the Jewish home. A hallmark of that role is the power of her prayers to invoke Divine mercy on behalf of herself, her husband and the family. Particularly at candle lighting time, where the tears of the Yiddishe Mama, glistening in the glow of the flickering flames, make their way heavenward directly to the Kissei Hakavod (Celestial Throne) . Tears filled with deep yearning for her present or future role as a mother, prayers for her families' health and wellbeing, and fervent hopes for children who will serve as luminaries, lighting up the world with their achievements.
For generations, the Reb Meir Baal Haness Pushka has been an integral part these special holy moments. But with today's harried lifestyle, sometimes perhaps we overlook the Pushka – the holy vessel for connection cherished by our mothers and grandmothers.
Project Ignite ensures that

the Pushka is never forgotten.
Week after week, your membership will automatically contribute your predefined amount at those very special moments when you beseech Hashem on behalf of those you love.
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Your weekly contribution will ignite light for hundreds of destitute families in Yerushalayim. Your consistent support will imbue a fresh glow of happiness in homes darkened by lack and despair. Your kind generosity will provide glowing warmth, clothing and hope for empty hearts, illuminating the lives of hundreds in Eretz Yisroel.
In the moments when holiness descends,

utilize the power of sustaining Yidden in Eretz

Yisroel to propel your tefillos upward.
Your prayers from the heart fuse with the timeless tradition of tzedakah as you draw on tradition passed down from generation to generation, showering your family with blessings for the coming week. Ignite light for those who need it most while igniting blessing in your own home.