Keren Kayemes

Keren Kayemes is one of the oldest and most time-honored traditions for perpetuating your neshama and the neshamos of your parents and loved ones.

The Keren Kayemes features a long list of options for tikkunim (spiritual rites) – Torah study, prayer, Kaddish and more – to be performed on behalf of the departed soul on the yahrtzeit and throughout the year, by a select group of the Kollel´s most virtuous members.


Among the very first initiatives instituted with the founding of Kollel Shomrei Hachomos, has been the Keren Kayemes register.

Records dating back to those early years show generations of families, among them many of the foremost Gedolei Yisroel, the holy Divrei Chayim of Sanz, the Maharam Ash, Rav Hillel Kolemeyer, Rav Shayele Kerestirer, and others, were meticulous about the practice of inscribing their family members in this book of eternity.

The Keren Kayemes register perpetuates for eternity your partnership in the settlement of the Yishuv in Eretz Yisroel and the phenomenal Torah achievements and spiritual heights achieved by its holiest residents. This merit, along with the tikkunim performed specifically on behalf of the neshama on the day of a yahrtzeit, provide the highest form of merit for the neshama at a time when can longer achieve zechuyos for itself.

Segula for life

The Keren Kayemes membership is also a well-known longstanding segula for long life!

Commemoration Levels

Based upon membership level, the Kollel´s select group of venerable, G-d fearing Chevra Keren Kayemes will perform various tikkunim on behalf of the neshama of the departed. These include options for Kaddish and Mishnayos throughout the year, Yizkor on Yomim Tovim, and various special memorial merits on the day of the yahrtzeit. This provides the neshama with the ability to continue its spiritual ascent for all eternity.

How do I open a Keren?

Opening a Keren does not require any immediate contribution.
Upon selecting a commemoration level you will receive a Keren Kayemes ID number. All regular contributions to the Kollel after that for any campaign or project can then automatically be tallied toward your Keren account.
The Keren Kayemes
membership is also
segula for long life
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